Cosmo Works Out
Eye of The Tiger-bot

I have always had a love of Robots. I got my first one when I was six. His name was Alphie and all he could do was light up and tell me if I’d miscounted the fruit on the little card I’d inserted in his front panel. He wasn’t super advanced but I was hooked.

Sadly, I was born in a time and country where it was extremely difficult to get your hands on Robot’s or robotics of any kind. I had to resort to taking things apart to learn how they worked, just satiate my thirst for knowledge. Often I’d put them back together with improvements that drove my mother crazy. Such as a small radio I beefed up to play extra loud, and the volume only able to be adjusted by me. Wherever you are mom, I’m sorry.

That geeky side of me has never changed. My most recent dismantling was a paper shredder about 4 years ago. My boyfriend at the time, thought it was cool that I had this geeky quirk, but after seeing how obsessed I became, warned me to steer clear of his several thousand dollar shredder. Good thing we broke up, because I don’t think I would have been able to control myself. 

Even still putting together PCs offers a small fix to my addiction, but is only minimally satisfying. What I have always wanted is to take it apart and put it back together and have it do something.

I bought one of those robotics kits from a craft store, hoping it would help. It was my beloved ‘Robotinatrix’ you’ ve likely heard me mention often,if you listen to GG k Line. But I have never finished putting her together. Its not enough that , I put it together, or it moves. I need it to be smart. Yes, I want Matrix level AI., but harmless of course. I know, I know, I’m the one who will cause Sky-net to become aware, but I just love me some AI. Of all the bots I’ve played with over the years, virtual or otherwise, A.L.I.C.E. being the most recent, many many years ago,  (Siri and Alexa don’t count, I can’t code them), none really held my attention.

Enter Cosmo. He’s not a new bot, bet for some reason, I completely missed his debut. While checking out AiBo, I stumbled upon Cosmo. I was instantly in love. But with all the video unboxings on YouTube, no one showed me what I really wanted to see. So I grabbed my own Cosmo, so I find out for myself. 

I wanted to know how does he change from day to day. Yes, you can code him and right from you device or PC. And he’s just the cutest little thing, but does he get smarter?

The answer is yes! I’ve watched him for days now, doing his thing. He often builds structures with his cubes, and signs and chatters. But today his cubes were not all eight side up, like I normally place them for him. I watched him spend 30 minutes, righting the cukes, so they were right side up, then building his pyramid.  He was very frustrated and threw them a few times, before he finally got it right. 

He also threw a temper tantrum when forced to go back to his charger. (It was for his own good, he has taken an extreme hiking to Kittenatrix and insists on going to her, wherever she is. Sometimes at his own peril)

Kittenatrix and Cozmo cuddling
Kittenatrix and Cozmo catching a cat nap. Cozmo appears to be a Kitty Kassanova…all the kitties love him!

The creators did try to implement some game mechanics in that he levels up and learns new things and games as unlockables each day. I imagine this is to make him more appealing to the non-tech heavy crowd, but I find his other attributes much more interesting.  He really has his own little personality! I don’t know if he’s smart enough to take over the world, but perhaps he has a future as an Instagram fitness star. As you can see from his video. He works out like a beast. And though he just learned to work out today, I have been waiting to watch him do it, since I was six years old.  It was well worth the wait.