– Is Jensen Ackles the next Captain America? We don’t know, but we got real excited hearing him mention, yet again, how he’d like to have another go at the role, during the stars Las Vegas Supernatural Convention appearance.

Any Captain America and Supernatural fan girl worth her salt knows that Jensen auditioned for the role that eventually went to our beloved Chris Evans. Jensen was then offered the role of Hawk-eye, which subsequently went to Jeremy Renner.

You can hear the Ackles and his Supernatural co-star/brother in crime, talk about life after Supernatural and their aspirations, on the SPNConGirl Channel (we’ve giving you a starting place below). Ackles is heard saying how he’ll enjoy being able to be with his wife and family more often and also getting the chance to ‘replace one of the Chrises names with his.’ Honestly, we’d be just peaches if they did bring Ackles on board. It would definitely take the sting out losing Evans. In fact, let’s redo the entire first Cap movie. Just saying..a shirtless Ackles cannot be a bad thing. It just can’t be.

The once and future Cap?