As a female gamer, it astounds me that we still face so much sexism in the gaming community. Some of it is just lack of thought, the other is straight up malice. We here at GGR/Pink Controller have spoken for years about the different types of sexism we’ve faced as female gamers. There is the typical “Lulz, gurls don’t play games” and “hur dur… there’s no women on the internetz” we get from the basement dwelling apron strung mama’s boys of course. And then there is the kind that Cori recently pointed out and it really grinds my gears. Developers that just don’t think about women gamers.

They don’t. There are the ones who have straight up told us, “Women don’t play games”, which let me tell you, makes me want to set their pants on fire with them still in it. And then there is an astounding number of developers who forget altogether that one of their fastest growing demographic is women. We see it anywhere from the stripper parties at GDC to the fact that developers will put out amazing games with a dozen playable characters and not one of those will be a female.

Now, don’t get me wrong, that won’t stop me from playing a game that I find interesting. I played the hell out of Reign of Kings and it was (still is as far as I know) all male characters. I reigned glorious as a King but with a many immature twats play that game, I’d have killed to have been a female character just to lord it over them that much more that there was a 30 something woman leading the kingdom and kicking their asses all over the map.

However, if there is a female character, even if it’s just one, it will be the character I will most likely choose. I like to be represented. I like to put myself in the character. It’s me, my personality, I’m the one who just took you out and stole all your stuff. There is something more immersive about playing your own sex. I’m far less likely to purchase a game or even want to play it if there aren’t women characters to play.

Women make up 48% of the population of gamers. Don’t count us out and don’t forget, we have just as much money to spend as our male counterparts. Give us our playable female characters!